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Site will attract motor homers

MOTOR caravanners are welcoming the installation of a new effluent drop site in Feilding as trafficvolumes begin to increase as Rugby World Cup travellers wind through the Manawatu Districtfollowing their teams.

The Turners Road site, due to open shortly, is in close proximity to the town’s stock truck effluentdisposal station and a potable water filling provider.Feilding plumber and New Zealand Motor Caravan Association member, Trevor Hendra of Trev’sPlumbing Ltd, is delighted the site is about to become operational after working on the project, withsupport from the Manawatu District Council and Feilding Promotion, for about two years. Trev’sPlumbing Ltd installed the effluent site with help from local businesses supplying materials free ofcharge with no cost to the rate payer or N.Z.M.C.A.

“All the required services are here,” he said, “and the station will be open 24/7 and provide easyaccess for vehicles from all directions.

”Mr Hendra said the drop site, likely to be opened this weekend, would attract more self-containedmotor caravanners to the district and boost CBD businesses dealing in support services such as fuel,food, mechanics and tyres.

“It will help promote Feilding and Manawatu as a place for motor caravanners to come, as we don’thave a lot of good dump stations in the area. So the more we can offer the better.”

NZMCA‘s Resource Management Assistant for Manawhenua, Brian Purdie of Sanson, said theorganisation was extremely happy with the new facility, especially with so many camper vanscurrently on the roads.

“We are grateful to all those involved as they are doing a service for the environment as well as themotor caravanners,” he said. “Once our members know it’s available, then they will start coming tothe area.”

The national association has a membership of more than 40,000 individuals and is growing at up to10 percent annually. The Feilding site will soon feature in the NZMCA travel directory.

“This couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time with the World Cup camper vans now in fullswing,” said Mr Purdie, “with many of them heading your way next week.”

He also anticipated a good turnout for a motor van rally at Manfeild on Labour Day weekend andqueues at the station as caravanners heading home, disposed of their waste.

MDC Utility Contracts Manager Marc Simpson, said the new station met all health and safetyregulations and was one of the few in the greater region that would be available 24/7.

“We are also looking at beautification plans for the site in keeping with Feilding’s standing as one ofNew Zealand’s ‘Most Beautiful Towns’,” he said.

SANSON motor caravanner Brian Purdie, tests Feilding’s new effluent drop site withfellow “movanner” Trevor Hendra, of Feilding.

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